Ever since ancient Egypt and fat-based gels, people have been using various products to stylize their hair. Modern gels were invented in the 1960s and became instantly popular. That popularity remained until today, and men are the primary gel users throughout the world.
Many people are still wary of using gel since they believe it could damage their hair.
In this article, we are focusing on what you should know about gels and hair loss and using these products properly.

Can gel cause hair loss?

Are you ready for the big truth? Hair gels won’t cause hair loss or damage your hair in any way. These products wouldn’t be used by professionals, and remain in the industry for decades if that was the case.
The reason why gels have a bad reputation is twofold. First, it is important to choose the product carefully because some formulas include ingredients with damaging properties. Additionally, you need to use gel properly and take good care of your hair.
In other words, hair gel is perfectly safe, but it requires a little effort in choosing a suitable product and taking care of your hair. Whether you are looking for a wet look or want to stylize your hair and maintain that hairstyle the entire day, a great gel is your best friend.

What ingredients should you look for in hair gels?

As with any other hair care product, the ingredients added to the gel formula will determine its effectiveness and safety.
The initial ingredient in most formulas is water, which is usually distilled. You will also find products with film-forming polymers that have the task of providing the desired look and holding your hair for a while.
Gels will frequently have ingredients that give the product a nice smell. Some of these, such as aloe vera, can also help to nourish your hair and strengthen it. Here is how a gel works – you apply it to your hair to get the desired hairstyle. As you apply it, the polymers attract adjacent strains to help you form the desired hairstyle. As water evaporates, the polymers create films to hold the hair that way.
These bonds are fairly strong, which means the hair will stay in the desired position for hours or more. You can break the bond by touching or combing your hair, and a strong wind could also affect it.
By washing your hair, you destroy the bond and remove the gel from your hair.

Should hair gel contain alcohol?

Certain types of alcohol dry your hair, which can make it brittle and more prone to breaking and falling off the scalp.
However, some alcohol variations are safe for your hair. These include but are not limited to stearyl, cetyl, and lauryl alcohol, and you should stick to those variants in your hair gel formulas.
That is why it is important to pick high-quality hair gel solutions. It is always wise to pick a formula that contains natural ingredients, as well as products with compounds that promote hair health.
You should avoid unhealthy ingredients, as well as excessive amounts of alcohol in the product. Too much alcohol makes your hair dry, and it can also affect follicle health negatively in the long run.

Tips to follow when applying hair gel

Once you pick a high-quality hair gel, it is also important to apply it the right way. That is the only approach that secures maximum benefits and avoids potential problems.
Here is what you should know about applying this type of product:

#1 only apply gel on your hair

As the name suggests, the product is called “hair gel.” That means you should only apply it on your hair, and avoid rubbing it on your scalp.
Many people tend not to be careful when putting gel on their hair. Some believe that applying to the scalp also contributes to holding your hair for a long time.
That is why you might rub the gel harshly, but this is not good in the long run. Greasiness and flakes might be the consequences of applying the solution to your scalp.
That is why you should only apply it to your hair, and be gentle during the process. It is the chemical reaction that bonds your hair into the desired position, and not how harsh you are in applying the product.

#2 Stick to moderate amounts

Your hair might be strong and resistant to changing its default position, which is why you think a large quantity of gel is required to stylize it properly.
However, that is not true because only small amounts of high-quality gels are enough for styling your hair.
The next time you are applying the gel, gran a thin scoop of the product and apply it gently. You will notice that the results come either way.
Additionally, the moderate quantity of gel ensures that your hair doesn’t become greasy, brittle, or dry. Once again, it is important to use a high-quality product to ensure you get the desired results.

Common mistakes after applying the gel

Now that you know the basics of applying the gel, let’s take a look at the common mistakes that users of this product make.
These include:

  • Brushing and touching your hair once the gel is applied – If you touch your hair after applying the gel, that might break the bond and ruin your hairstyle. Brushing is out of the question as it not only ruins your hairstyle but can also cause more hair to fall out than usual.
  • Leaving gel overnight – It is vital to wash your hair before you head to bed. That way, you will not only avoid ruining your pillowcase but will also promote optimal hair health. Leaving the gel overnight can lead to greasiness and other issues.
  • Putting more gel without washing your hair – You should always make sure that your hair is clean before placing gel on it. If you put gel on hair that already has this product on it, it will dehydrate your follicles further. That might make your hair brittle and prone to breaking, and it can also cause dandruff in the long run.

Ultimately, hair gel can never cause hair loss on its own. If you pick a product with high-quality ingredients and apply it properly, it is completely safe to add gels to your hair care routine.

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