Let’s be real for a minute: getting a hair transplant is a big deal. The results are lifelong and the financial investment considerable, so you want to make sure you’re getting bang for the buck.

This is what leads many people to shop around based on the price per number of grafts. If you’re new to hair transplant lingo, that means how much money it will cost you to have a certain number of hair grafts extracted from the back of your head and implanted into the treatment area.

However, many people fail to consider this little thing called follicle survival rate – i.e. how many of the implanted follicles “take” in their new location. For example, with a 95% survival rate (which we regularly reach here at Gro), 95 out of 100 implanted hairs will continue to push out hair in its new location.

The most important factor in maximising your hair transplant results is choosing a provider who is known to achieve a high follicle survival rate. But, other things can be done to boost results.

Keep on reading to find out four ways to optimise the results of a hair transplant.

4 Things to Do to Maximise Hair Transplant Results


Follow aftercare instructions

And when we tell you to follow them, we mean follow them to a tee. We give them to you for a reason!

Recovery plays a crucial part in maximising hair transplant results, and aftercare helps create the ideal conditions for it.

Aftercare consists of avoiding infection and maximising the follicle survival rate by not subjecting the freshly transplanted grafts to more friction than they can take. Our aftercare instructions tell you when you can safely wash your hair, exercise, dye or cut your hair, wear a hat and so forth.

Following them carefully also ensures the skin on your scalp heals quickly and swelling is reduced.



Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, PRP for short, is a great additional treatment to boost hair growth post-transplant.

Platelet-rich plasma is a substance that is drawn from the person’s own blood and injected back to the scalp. The idea is to harness the body’s own cells to kick off a natural healing process, helping boost the functionality of the hair follicles.

We offer PRP treatment in-clinic and recommend three sessions, each 1-2 months apart, for all our hair transplant clients to get the best possible results.


Quality hair products

Healthy scalp, healthy hair. No matter what your hair concerns, quality hair products are essential in maintaining scalp health and looking after your locks.

That’s why products that are gentle on the scalp are your best bet – look for quality ingredients and products that work with your hair type.

Healthy lifestyle

As is always the case with hair growth, a healthy lifestyle is the foundation. Hair follicles need a consistent supply of nutrients and a continuous blood flow to the scalp to stay active.

Avoid smoking and alcohol and follow a varied and nutritious diet to ensure your follicles have what it takes to thrive. A daily supplement can be a great aid in helping you get enough nutrients consistently.

Want to know more about hair transplants?

When considering a hair transplant, knowledge is power. If you have any questions about hair transplants, it’s never too early to book a free consultation with one of our Hair Growth Consultants. There’s no obligation to follow through, just the opportunity to get the information you need to make the right choice for you.