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One of our newest doctors to the Gro Melbourne team and a key part of our Melbourne hair transplant surgery team along with Dr Alexis and Dr TJ is Dr Diana. Dr Diana is a hair transplant surgeon who has many years of cosmetic experience in Melbourne. After completing hair transplant training in London, Dr Diana works in our Docklands, Melbourne clinic performing Gro microsurgery or micro FUE hair transplant.

Dr Diana graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2003. Her deep interest in the cosmetic field naturally led her to pursue a career in Cosmetic Medicine and hair loss treatments.

When it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements, Dr Diana is a highly skilled cosmetic doctor with an outstanding creative ability. She has developed an enviable ability to improve the appearance of a patient through her years of experience and thorough preparation, while retaining a very natural look.

About Dr Diana – Gro Melbourne hair transplant surgeon

Full Name
Dr. Diana Phan



What do you like about being a hair transplant surgeon?
Patient satisfaction is of paramount importance to me and I strive to achieve this through my surgery. I am always looking to get the best outcome for my patient and realise that each patient puts his or her trust in me to not just replace hair that has been lost, but do this in the most natural way possible.


What you enjoy most about being a Hair Transplant doctor
I enjoy using the skills I studied so long at University to perfect and in the last 15+ years practising as a doctor in Melbourne. I firmly believe that the consultation process is one of the most important steps for a patient. That is why it is so enjoyable working at Gro with the world class team we have here in the Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria clinic. I know that when I consult a patient, they have already been diagnosed extremely well and have the right expectations for their hair loss.


How would you describe yourself
I would describe myself as very down to earth and approachable as well as taking great pride in my work and results I get for my patients.

Other medical areas of speciality
Cosmetic medicine


Travel to different parts of the world
Restaurants and great food

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Gro Melbourne – Docklands Clinic Contact Details

Phone +61 (3) 9081 5868

Email melbourne@groclinics.com.au

Address Level 1, 893 Collins St, Docklands, VIC 3008

If you live outside of Melbourne and you will be travelling to Melbourne for your hair transplant this page has information for you

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