Deciphering the plethora of information on the internet can be a challenge when you’re researching hair transplants. The web is a great place to start when gathering information, however there is a lot of false, misleading and vague information out there, so how do you know what to trust? 

We have compiled a list of the most important frequently asked questions about Microsurgery hair transplants so you can have correct information to help you with your research.

Gro microsurgery hair transplant

Important Questions Answered

Will my hair transplant look natural?

The most important feature of a good hair transplant is that it looks completely natural. The microsurgery technique uses your own hair and allows for control over the depth, angle and direction of the implanted follicles. We are the only hair transplant clinic to GUARANTEE natural results.


natural results guarantee


Is it permanent?

Microsurgery is considered a permanent treatment. Hair follicles that are transplanted from the back and sides of the scalp are naturally more resistant to balding. The transplanted follicles remain in the same growth cycle as before, so they will continue to grow as they had done before, in the donor area. In some cases, a second hair transplant may be required in the future to add density as hair follicles (that have not been transplanted) continue to miniaturise and stop growing.


When will I see the result?

You can see the initial result at around 3-4 months, with the full result at 12 months.


What’s the difference between Microsurgery Technique, FUE and FUT?

Hair transplants have evolved dramatically. FUT or “strip” surgery is considered an outdated technique, however it is still used by some clinics today. A long strip of the scalp is cut from the back of the head and the follicles are transplanted into the treatment area. This technique involves a long recovery, stitches, scarring, and potential for unnatural results.

The FUE technique is when follicles or groups of follicles are “punched out” of the back or sides of the head and then transplanted into the treatment area. Extraction can be done by a technician or by machine. Machine extraction can be aggressive, leading to scarring, damaging the donor area, and has the potential to injure the follicles, reducing survival rate.

Microsurgery is considered the most refined hair transplant technique as recovery time is minimised and natural results are guaranteed. There are no incisions, no stitches, no detectable scarring, just 100% natural results. All work is done by a Certified Doctor.


Can I get a hair transplant if I’m already bald?

Unfortunately, if you are already bald, a hair transplant is not an option as we can only work with the hair that you have. The more donor follicles that you have to work with, the better the result. All the more reason to get in contact with us today to book your consultation!

How long is the recovery?

The microsurgery recovery process is virtually pain free and fast compared to alternative techniques. The after care is straight-forward and is stepped out for you day-by-day. You may need to take a week or so off work, depending on the size of your procedure and your own individual healing characteristics. 

You will need to avoid the gym, swimming and direct sunlight following your procedure. We recommend getting lots of rest and relaxation.


How much does it cost?

We only offer Microsurgery hair transplants as this is the most advanced technique and offers the best possible results for our patients. As every patient has varying degrees of hair loss and is therefore unique, a consultation with a hair restoration expert is required for an accurate quote.


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