Can you believe it’s been three months already since Mat Rogers had his microsurgery hair transplant? Mat’s hairline is locked in and it’s only going to get better from here. He’s got another 9 months before he’ll see the final result and during that time his hairline will strengthen, meaning the density of his hairline will continue to improve.

Mat had a Gro microsurgery hair transplant procedure to correct his receding hairline and he says he couldn’t be happier with the progress at three months. Have a look at his before and progress photos and his video update.

Mat Rogers Hair Transplant 3 Month Update

Mat Rogers’ before and 3 month progress photos:


Watch Mat’s 3 month update video:


Follow Mat’s hair growth journey on his dedicated Instagram page – @gro.diary.matrogers


Why does the final result take up to 12 months?

Some people are lucky and have their final result from around 6 months, however, to set realistic expectations, we tell our patients it can take up to 12 months. You may be wondering, ‘why does it take so long?’ The answer lies in your hair’s growth cycle. There are 4 growth cycles that our hair goes through; growth, transition, rest and shedding. Not all hair follicles are in the same stage of the cycle at the same time.


Hair Growth Cycle



Growth phase, referred to as anagen is the active growth phase of new hair formation and lasts for 2-5 years. The length of the anagen phase determines the maximum length of the hair, thus people who can grow their hair very long have a longer anagen phase. Genetics, age, health and nutrition are factors that influence the length of the anagen phase. During anagen, cells at the base of the hair follicle divide rapidly, resulting in new hair growth. Most of your hair follicles (80-90%) are in anagen at any given time.

Transition, referred to as catagen happens after the growth phase. Hair goes into a short transitional phase where growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks away from the follicle wall and attaches to the root of the hair shaft. This phase lasts for 2-3 weeks and about 3% of all hair follicles are in this phase at any given time. The hair is referred to as club hair.

Rest, or telogen phase happens after catagen. Scalp hair goes into a resting phase that lasts approximately 100 days. The club hair rests whilst a new hair forms beneath it.

Shedding, also known as exogen is the last part of the hair growth cycle. During exogen, the club hair is pushed out by the newly growing hair beneath it, it detaches and falls out. It is normal to lose around 100-150 hairs per day due to the constant growth, transition, rest and shedding cycle.

After shedding, the follicle returns to the growth phase and the cycle repeats.

As we age, some of the hair follicles stop producing new hair, or the anagen phase gets progressively shorter and the hair is shed at a faster rate. Factors such as illness or a poor diet can effect the health of the hair follicle, or disrupt the normal cycle of hair growth.

Androgenetic alopecia, a condition also known as male pattern baldness, causes the hair growth cycle to shorten, hair miniaturises and then sheds. Over time, hair is lost faster than it can grow, resulting in a receding hairline, thinning and baldness.

Hair Loss Solutions

There are treatment options for every stage of hair loss. In the early stages, treatment options include prescription medicationssupplementshair care products and PRP therapy to encourage new hair growth. When hair loss is more progressive, treatment options include those listed above for early stages plus microsurgery hair transplant. Mat Rogers combined PRP treatment with his hair transplant recovery to strengthen his newly transplanted follicles and give them a growth boost.

The only permanent solution for a receding hairline caused by androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness a hair transplant. Gro are the only clinics in Australia to guarantee 100% natural results from a hair transplant procedure. To speak with a Gro Hair Growth Specialist about your hair loss treatment options, call 1300 787 563.


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Next Step

The first step to treating hair loss, no matter what age or stage you are at, is to speak to a Gro Hair Growth Specialist to discuss your hair loss, what’s causing it and what treatment options are suitable for your individual condition. At Gro, we offer solutions for every stage of hair loss. Simply click on the button below to book a consultation or call us on 1300 787 563.


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