Footy legend, TV star and family man, Mat Rogers, lives a good life. He has played Rugby League and Union at the highest levels, starred on Australian Survivor and with his wife, started a charity for children with autism. He lives a life that inspires many people, but just like us, there are things that he wants to change. One of those is his receding hairline.

Today, good mental health is more important than ever and feeling good about yourself is part of that. Mat wasn’t happy with his hair, so he decided to have a micro FUE hair transplant with Gro Clinics Australia to correct his hair loss. In addition, he’s helping to remove the stigma associated with hair loss.

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Mat Rogers hair transplant 3 months



Removing The Stigma

Hair transplants are probably not at the top of the dinner party conversation list, or something that you would chat about with your mates over a beer but we are going to change all that!

Mat is helping to remove the stigma associated with hair loss. Losing hair is a totally natural part of the ageing process and it shouldn’t be something we feel that we need to hide. People get fit to feel good about their body, update their wardrobe to feel confident in their clothes, have cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate their skin, and having a microsurgery procedure to restore a hairline is no different.

Here at Gro Clinics, we are dedicated to helping change people’s lives through being the leading and most trusted brand in hair restoration.

We’re excited to show you Mat’s videos – from before his procedure where he tells us why he decided to correct his hair loss, another video recorded 10 minutes after his procedure and then into his recovery. Click here to watch Mat’s videos.


You can follow Mat’s full hair restoration journey on his dedicated Instagram page – @gro.diary.matrogers


Hair Transplant FAQ’s

Does it hurt?

It might surprise you to learn that the answer to this question is, no. Gro microsurgery hair restoration does not hurt. The only thing you will feel is the initial injection of the local anaesthetic into your scalp.

How much time will I need off work?

You should plan for a week off work, however if you work from home, you could be back at your desk within a day or two. The bandage from where the follicles are extracted will stay on for 1-2 days and most patients have some swelling on the forehead or around the eyes in the first few days following their procedure.

Is it permanent?

Yes. The result from Gro microsurgery is permanent, it will last a lifetime. For more information, check out this article: How Long Does The Result From A Hair Transplant Last?

Will it look natural?

Gro Clinics are the only clinics in Australia to guarantee natural results. Your own hair is used, follicles are transplanted from the back or sides of the scalp and transplanted to the crown or frontal area to restore the hairline and add density. Our highly skilled doctors use the most refined technique and have precise control over the depth, angle and direction of every hair implanted. Specialised tools ensure minimal disruption to the skin when extracting and implanting, meaning no scarring, just a 100% natural result. Gro Clinics also have the highest follicles survival rates in the industry, consistently over 95%.

natural results guarantee


How much does it cost?

To see examples of the life-changing results achieved and the cost for each, please visit our Pricing page, click here. As every patient has varying degrees of hair loss and each patient is unique, a consultation with a Gro Hair Growth Specialist is required for an accurate quote.


Book Your Consultation

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Mat Rogers hair transplant 3 months



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