Mat Rogers, a Former dual international, Survivor contestant and well-known mental health advocate, had his hair transplant with Gro six months ago. We sat down with Mat to have a chat about how his journey has been so far.

But not only that – Mat and us here at Gro share a passion for men’s health, both mental and physical, Mat had a few things to say about how feeling good about yourself ties in with all of it.

Mat Rogers Talks Hair, Men’s Mental Health and Self-Confidence

Men’s health week interview with Mat Rogers

This Men’s health week, we sat down with Mat Rogers to chat all things hair, men’s mental health and self-confidence.



On mental health and the pressures of the sporting world

“Mental health is a huge issue in this country”, says Mat, explaining why he’s always ready to put his hand up and talk about it in order to show others that it’s OK not to be OK. “It’s a silent killer.”

As a professional athlete, Mat is no stranger to the pressures of maintaining peak mental and physical health. During his sports career, Mat felt immense pressure to continue to perform according to the expectations of the outside world, and he readily admits having suffered from anxiety at various stages.

The culture of the sporting world can sometimes contribute to the problem.

“My entire sporting career was ‘how tough can you be’. You don’t show weakness,” Mat said.

“It almost makes me cringe a little bit to be honest because I know the pressures that come in that space.”

On losing his hair and getting a hair transplant

For a long time, Mat was on the fence about whether he was losing his hair and whether he should do something about it. A very gracious barber even reassured him he just had a very deep hairline, but in reality, his hair was receding drastically.

It was at Mat’s consultation with Gro that he realised how much his hairline had changed and that there was a solution he could get on board with.

“I thought I was OK until I came in and had a consultation… it wasn’t until I saw the process and it just blew my mind.”

Mat was shocked to find out that there’s a procedure, known as an FUE hair transplant, that would allow him to grow his hairline back to where it used to sit 20 years ago.

Six months after the procedure, it was all worth it for him: “The way it made me feel after… that’s what has really taken me aback.”

“I can’t believe how much better I feel mentally because of the way I look physically.”

And for Mat, a passionate men’s mental health advocate, that feeling led to new realisations – more on that, up next.

Mat Rogers hair transplant 3 months


On the importance of feeling good about yourself

Mat is very critical of labelling the simple wish to feel happy about how you look as vanity. He quickly points out there is a big discrepancy between how women and men treat their peers who get cosmetic procedures done.

“Women will gladly go and get procedures done to make themselves feel better, to look better, and their girlfriends will pat them on the back,” Mat said. “And I’m all for that, I love that – but I think as men we need to be doing more of that.”

For Mat, the hair transplant wasn’t just a physical change – it has helped him feel better mentally, too. He refers back to the old saying: you look good you feel good, you feel good you act good.

“I’m not all about looking good but I’m all about feeling good.”

So take a leaf out of Mat’s book, guys – doing something just for yourself is OK.


Here’s Mat’s 6-month update:

It’s now been a whole six months since Mat had his hair transplant here at Gro, so let’s have a look at how things are tracking.


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