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Thank you to all involved! Together, we pushed for better and raised $15,895.

Note: this deal is now closed.

Donate up to $2,000 to our Gro Clinics 'Push Up Challenge' fundraiser, and we'll take the amount you donated off the cost of your hair transplant. Do good, get your hair transplant, and reduce your taxable income by making a donation before the 30th of June.
It's a win-win-win!


Reduce The Cost of Your Hair Transplant with a Tax-Deductible Donation!

Donate up to $2,000 to our Gro Clinics 'Push Up Challenge' fundraiser, and we'll take the amount you donated off the cost of your hair transplant. Do good, get your hair transplant, and reduce your taxable income by making a donation before the 30th of June. It's a win-win-win!


Thank you to all who helped us raise $15,895 in donations.

We're always talking about pushing the limits of who we can be; it's even on our t-shirts.

This month, we're putting our money where our mouth is. Our Gro family is getting involved in the push for better mental health services across Australia by fundraising for Lifeline, headspace, and The Push for Better Foundation.
Our team is aiming to complete 3,249 push-ups each over 24 days, representing the 3,249 lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022. But we want everyone involved. So, if you're thinking about having a hair transplant, now is the time.


Ps. You'll need to show us proof of your donation!

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Gro Clinics 'Push Up Challenge' Campaign
1. Overview
Gro Clinics is committed to supporting mental health services across Australia by fundraising for Lifeline, headspace, and The Push for Better Foundation. As part of this initiative, we are offering our clients the opportunity to receive up to $2,000 off their hair transplant costs when they donate to our 'Push Up Challenge' fundraiser.
2. Eligibility
This offer is open to all individuals considering a hair transplant at Gro Clinics.
To be eligible for the discount, donations must be made to the Gro Clinics 'Push Up Challenge' fundraiser before the 30th of June.
Proof of donation is required to qualify for the discount.
3. Donation and Discount Details
Clients can donate up to $2,000 to the 'Push Up Challenge' fundraiser.
The amount donated will be deducted from the total cost of the hair transplant procedure.
Donations are tax-deductible, providing an additional financial benefit to the donor.
4. Proof of Donation
Proof of donation must be provided to Gro Clinics. This can be in the form of a receipt & confirmation email from the fundraising platform.
The proof of donation must clearly indicate the amount donated and the date of donation.
5. Payment Plans
Gro Clinics offers flexible in-house payment plans to accommodate different financial situations.
Option 1: Initial Deposit + 0% Interest Instalments:
Pay a $2,000 deposit and book your hair transplant procedure.
The remaining balance can be paid off in instalments via direct debit with no interest.
Option 2: Two Part Procedure Package:
Pay 50% of the total cost upfront and book your first procedure.
Pay off 40% of the remaining balance via direct debit between the first and second procedures. Gro Clinics will cover the remaining 10%.
6. Refunds and Cancellations
Donations made to the 'Push Up Challenge' fundraiser are non-refundable.
If the hair transplant procedure is cancelled by the client, the donation discount will be void, and the standard cancellation policy will apply.
7. Compliance
All advertising and promotional materials comply with AHPRA guidelines and standards to ensure truthful, accurate, and non-misleading information.
Gro Clinics is committed to providing transparent information about the hair transplant procedure, including potential risks and realistic outcomes.
8. General Terms
Gro Clinics reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without prior notice.
This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.
By participating in this campaign, clients agree to these terms and conditions.


Worried about the cost of a hair transplant? Don't let that hold you back.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to feel their best, which is why we offer flexible payment plans to suit every budget.


Our In House Payment Plan Options:

Option 1: Initial Deposit + 0% Interest Instalments

Initial Deposit + 0% Interest Instalments

Perfect for those who need a bit more notice for recovery time, planning around the family or future life event.


How it works

If ‘right now’ isn’t the right time, but you know you want to go ahead, pay a small $2000 deposit, book in your hair transplant procedure and pay the rest off in instalments via direct debit with no interest.


Talk to our team to learn more

Option 2: Two Part Procedure Package

Two Part Procedure Package


Ideal for those who need a larger number of hairs transplanted. If you're ready to get started now and pay the rest as your initial results Gro in.


Smaller procedures reduce shock and the time your follicles are out of the body, effectively increasing your follicle survival rate. For some this is also a desirable option as two smaller transplants are less of a drastic change in appearance and growth can look like it’s occurring more naturally over time.


How it works


Pay 50% of your total investment and book in for your 1st procedure asap. Between your 1st and 2nd procedure, you can pay off 40% of your remaining investment via direct debit, we’ll cover the rest! (That’s 10% you get to keep).


Talk to our team to learn more


Hair Transplant is More Accessible Than Ever With Payment Plans

We make your hair transplant more accessible by offering financing from $70/week with 0% interest!

Gro is partnered with Humm90 & TLC to make it convenient for you to be able to pay for your hair transplant over time.It takes less than a minute to fill in the form and receive a response.


Hair transplant treatment has never been so accessible!


The Best Hair Transplant in Australia.

We call it 'Precise Follicle Placement'. There are no shortcuts or one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to hair transplants. That's why we developed our PFP technique, the most refined and delicate hair transplant method available. Better than traditional FUT and FUE Hair Transplant methods. For our clients, this means less downtime and virtually no visible scarring, just completely natural-looking results.


Want to know if you are eligible for Precise Follicle Placement™ hair transplant?


Better than an FUE and FUT Hair Transplant.

One Day Procedure

Reversing hair loss takes just one day. And the results? Last a lifetime.


We can give you back your own natural hair — for good. We transplant your own follicles with unmatched precision, making sure they blend perfectly with your existing hair. It’s a straightforward, hassle-free process that delivers permanent results.


Walk out of our clinic not just with more hair, but with a major boost in confidence, all in just one session. It’s about looking your best and feeling great, and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Trained In Australia

Did you know Gro is the only clinic that trains its entire team right here in Australia.


Unlike other clinics who send their doctors overseas for a few weeks, our staff undergoe comprehensive training right in our clinics to meet the high standards we set for hair restoration.


Our unique approach ensures that every member of our team, from our doctors to our support staff, is equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver the best possible results.


By investing in local training, we maintain a level of quality and consistency that’s unmatched.


It's not the cheap option for us, but it means the best outcome for you. 

Virtually No Scarring

No cuts, no strip surgery, no stitches.


Thanks to our cutting-edge techniques, our hair transplant procedures leave virtually no scarring. We use precise methods that ensure each follicle is placed with minimal impact, allowing for a smoother recovery and an undetectable finish.


You can enjoy a fuller head of hair without worrying about visible scars, so your secret stays safe with us. It’s all about seamless results that look as natural as they feel.

Superior Density

Higher density implantation than FUT or FUE methods.

Our innovative technique allows us to strategically place hair follicles closer together, maximising the fullness of your hair while maintaining a completely natural look.


The result? A thicker, denser head of hair that not only looks great but also feels authentically yours.

Quick Recovery, Less Downtime

Get in, get out, and get on with your life — looking better than ever.


We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve perfected our procedures to ensure quick recovery and minimal downtime. With our advanced techniques, you can get back to your daily routine faster, without compromising on results.

Natural Results Guarantee

The PFP method means our team have full control over the depth, direction, and angle of each inserted hair follicle.


Our PFP technique elevates the FUE method, allowing for unparalleled accuracy in hair follicle placement. This ensures natural-looking results that seamlessly blend with your existing hair.


A Solution Tailored to You.

Our dedicated Hair Growth Advisors provide tailored recommendations and support, understanding each client's unique needs and goals.


With Gro, you can trust that you'll receive personalised care that meets your individual needs, so you can have the confidence of knowing that you're in the best hands for your hair transplant journey.


Hair transplants from $12,000.


These are The Reasons Why Thousands of Australian Men Chose Us.

Choose Gro with confidence for the following reasons:

✅  A wide range of treatments including multiple non-surgical options as well as hair transplant

✅  AI-Driven Hair Density Check - pinpoints early signs of hair loss.

✅  100% Natural results using minimally invasive treatments

✅  Hair transplant using our pioneering PFP method -minimises recovery time while ensuring virtually undetectable scarring.

✅  Accessible payment plans available starting from just $70/week

✅ The only team trained in Australia through the Gro Academy - our exclusive in-house training academy.

Let's Talk.

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