The most effective way of saving for a hair transplant

Every cent you spend with Gro online (includes Gro Online Care services and Everyday Products) can be used as reGro credit for a hair transplant if you choose to have one in the future

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Here’s how it works

We know most people, given the option, would like to not just stop hair loss but to restore lost hair on a larger scale.

Medical treatment does wonders to stop hair loss and can even reverse some of it, but a hair transplant is the ultimate solution to bring hair back to areas where it has been lost.

Getting a hair transplant is no small decision. Emotionally, financially and in terms of trust – there’s a lot that goes into it.

So, we created a programme that provides you with ongoing treatment specific to your needs, whilst helping you save for a hair transplant.

That means you get to…

1. Gain credit for a hair transplant with money spent on treatment

2. Prevent further hair loss and have a smaller (and less expensive) hair transplant in the future!

No matter what you choose to do down the line, your hair is future-proofed.

You can get started with Gro Online Care today from the comfort of your own home.

The benefits of getting started now

- Stop further hair loss
- Thicken up what you’ve got
- Gain credit for a hair transplant with every $ spent
- Treat hair loss from the comfort of your home

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Taking control over your hair loss with the help of Gro Online Care is like putting money in the bank for your future self (and hair!).

Whatever stage of hair loss you’re at, or whatever your needs and wishes are in terms of treating it, we can help.

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