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Gro is one of Sydney’s best micro FUE hair transplant clinics offering the doctor only microsurgery hair restoration treatment procedure.

The Gro medical hair loss team at Gro are excited to help Sydney men and women suffering from thinning, patch, receding or alopecia conditions with the most minimally invasive, most gentle hair transplant Sydney. With no pain, no stitches and no scars, you will be back to work faster with Gro micro FUE hair transplant.

To get personalised information on how you can grow your own hair back you can book your free diagnosis online via video call or in-person at our Woolloomooloo clinic or call us for a free consultation or ask a question call us today on 02 9194 0140.

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3 Keys to the most refined NSW hair transplant

Only by Sydney doctors

Many people don’t realise that most hair transplant surgeries are not performed by hair transplant surgeons or doctors. The Doctor might be the brand of a clinic, but they don’t actually do the job on the day. Gro is the only clinic that has a policy that all surgical procedures are done from start to finish by Certified Doctors, not technicians and definitely not robots. Every one of your hairs is taken out by a doctor. And every one of your hairs is injected back by a doctor to ensure the optimum outcome for your hair.

The most refined technique

Every Sydney hair transplant procedure, regardless of technique (FUE hair or FUT), gives permanent results. Good or bad. The outcome is permanent and even non-reversible. Gro microsurgery or micro FUE hair transplant gives our Certified Surgeons full control over the placement of each follicular unit in terms of angles, direction, and depth. This way we can follow the natural way your hairs grow and implant new follicles in the most advanced way possible so your new hairs grow naturally and most importantly doesn’t look like a hair transplant.

Natural results guarantee

At Gro we understand that having a Sydney hair transplant or hair restoration is big, many times life-changing, decision. You want a natural-looking hair. Gro is the only company to offer a 100% Guaranteed Natural Result. If you want no one to know you have had surgery, then they won’t unless you tell them. This includes the donor follicles area and back of the scalp or transplantation site. You can feel safe and secure this will work for you.

See patients before & after photos and videos

With a hair transplant, seeing is believing, but many hair transplantation clinics offering FUE hair transplant procedure or follicular unit extraction (FUE transplant) show you a patient before and after 12 months when the full result is achieved. At Gro some of our patients have recorded their full recovery from before their microsurgery as well as in the days and months after their procedure so you get a realistic idea on what it is like to recover from Gro microsurgery. Also, see hair transplant before and after photos.

Patients Results – Mat Rogers

Mat Rogers Hair Transplant at Gro Australia

You might know Mat Rogers from his rugby union & rugby league career, or his time on the Survivor TV series.

Something has been irking him and that’s his receding hair line. Mat realises that feeling good about yourself is important. So Mat came to Gro to get his receding hairline sorted in a one day procedure that will last a lifetime.

Patients Results – Marc

Marcs hair replacement before and after photos

Marc (33) went from shaving his head with a razor 3 times a week to a result he said himself was beyond belief.

Marc had the most grafts & follicles transplanted during his hair restoration and a Gro record. Marc has recorded over 15 videos during his journey covering before, during and after his Gro restoration.

Patients Results – Jacob

Jacob's patient review

Jacob (23), Sydney has been worried about a large forehead for a while and had forehead lowering microsurgery with Gro. Check out his videos, lots of good information for anyone considering the same.

Watch Jacob’s video journey before, during and after his Gro hair transplant.

Patients Results – Alex

patient feedback

Alex (32) went from shaving his head and wearing a hat all the time to the start of a beautiful hair journey.

Alex’s video on why he decided to get his hair fixed permanently with Gro is just golden, one of the best videos we have aver seen. Alex has recorded 8+ videos and kept an instagram diary packed with information on recovery and what this means to him.

How much does a hair transplant in Sydney cost?

The question you are probably asking is “how much does a hair transplant cost in Sydney?” Cost is often a big question for any purchase. The medical hair loss team at Gro Sydney can perform any size of the procedure from a small patch to lowering your hairline up to full hair replacement for eligible patients.

The micro FUE hair transplant cost will vary from person to person, depending on the extent of hair loss and the number of grafts needed. For more information on hair transplant cost including before and after photos with the micro FUE hair transplant cost that patient paid see hair transplant cost in Sydney page or start your free personalised quote online here. or contact us on 02 9194 0140.


Finance plans for your hair loss treatment

Gro has a range of Sydney hair transplant finance providers if you can’t or don’t want to pay for your hair loss procedure upfront. During your free consultation with a Gro specialist, we can talk through how these would work for you.

Facial hair transplants

Gro doesn’t just offer the leading solution for hair loss on top of your head. For facial hair loss, speciality microsurgery (micro FUE hair transplant) procedures for beard transplant Sydney and eyebrow transplant Sydney are offered, utilising Gro’s microsurgery hair transplants technique. Restoring facial hair is generally a shorter procedure than a full hair transplant, usually completed in a morning or afternoon. All transplant procedures are performed by a Gro doctor only.


Why is a Gro different?

The Gro microsurgery or Micro FUE session is a step change for hair loss. Widely regarded as the most refined and advanced hair transplant procedures. Each procedure is handcrafted and performed from start to finish by a certified doctor.

Unlike traditional hair transplant clinic techniques like follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE surgery) where you can spot the difference, our goal is to deliver a result to every patient that is so natural, that even your barber couldn’t tell.


totally safe hair transplant sydney

Totally safe

Strict protocols are applied to all processes in Gro microsurgery or micro FUE replacement and at all levels to guarantee 100% patient safety.

more natural than a fue hair transplant

Natural results

Full control of the depth, the direction and the angle of placement of every healthy graft ensures 100% natural result from surgery.

painless for men and women hair transplantation


For the extraction of hair grafts from the donor area and the placement of each graft into the recipient area, tiny disposable instruments are used with the diameter of only 1mm or less. The treatment areas are numbed with local anaesthetic to make hair transplant surgery pleasant for you.

viability guaranteed like a fue hair transplant

Viability guaranteed

The graft survival rate for Gro is consistently above 90%, while the industry’s average for FUE hair or FUT operation varies between 50% to 90%.

hair transplantation only by doctors for men and women

Only by doctors

Each of Gro’s hair transplant surgery sessions from start to finish is performed by our medical doctors/ hair transplant surgeon, never a technician. This ensures some of the best hair restoration surgery results for each of your individual hair grafts.

growth for a lifetime like fue hair

Growth for lifetime

Only healthy follicles which are genetically designed to grow for a lifetime are chosen and implanted during surgery.

How does hair replacement work at Gro

online assessment

Phone assessment

Book your free hair transplant consultation with a Gro specialist. We’ll ask you some questions about your ​ lifestyle and hairstyle goals to establish whether​ you’re a candidate for a Micro FUE​ hair transplantation procedure. If you are not, Gro offer solutions for every stage of hair loss.

free hair loss consultation with doctor for hair transplant cost

Specialist consultation

A thorough 45-60 min free consultation to give you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision. This covers an holistic approach to multiple factors of the procedure. If you’re eligible for Gro microsurgery, our team will cover the micro FUE hair transplant cost and help you find a suitable days(s) for your procedure.

purchase hair loss treatment online

Your big day

Generally, hair transplants take 1-2 days. A microsurgery hair transplant procedure is done under local anaesthetic and using fine​ instruments that allow a Gro hair transplant surgeon to be ​ in 100% control over the placement of the grafts to give you natural and permanent results.

free deliver of hair loss treatment

Post-op care

The waiting game! Your transplanted grafts will start growing in about 3-4 months after the hair transplant procedure and full permanent results take 12-18 months to gro. Gro has hair loss treatments for all stages of hair growth and our medical team are here with you during the whole process to ensure everything stays on track.

Sydney medical hair restoration team

Our Sydney, NSW medical team are excited to meet you and discuss your hair restoration plans and if suitable the Gro microsurgery. Gro Sydney wants to show you why we are considered the best hair transplant clinic in Sydney. You can book a free hair transplant consultation online for a face-to-face diagnosis or via video call, or you can call us on 02 9194 0140 for your free hair transplant consultation.

Sally Park

International Operations Manager

Russell McGrath

Hair growth specialist

Hair growth specialist


Hair Transplantation Nurse

Gloria Lee - Nurse

Hair Transplantation Nurse

Doctor Adam

Dr Adam
Micro FUE hair transplant surgeon

Bronte - Nurse

Hair Transplantation Nurse

Donna Mort - Clinic Manager

Clinic Manager

Kaylie McArthur - Nurse


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