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Alternative to Forehead Reduction & Hairline Lowering Surgery

If you are self-conscious about the size of your forehead, or if you are interested in correcting your receding hairline, a hairline lowering procedure can help.

We offer an alternative to forehead reduction surgery at our MelbourneSydneyBrisbanePerth and Gold Coast clinics.  


Alternative to Hairline Lowering Surgery

If only there was a filter for forehead reduction! If you’re self-conscious about the size of your forehead or your receding hairline, situations such as video conferencing or taking a selfie can make you acutely aware of the size of your forehead.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to hide. A high hairline can be much harder to conceal than thinning hair on top of the head. A forehead reduction procedure can help both men and women who’d like to do something about a high hairline.

Hair transplantation is considered one of the best hairline lowering procedures. Modern hair transplants use your own hair follicles from the hair-bearing scalp to correct hairline recession, an uneven hairline or a frontal hairline that is simply higher than you’d like.

Gro hair transplants offer the most delicate method of forehead reduction procedure, with no visible scarring and a faster recovery period. We offer forehead reduction procedures at our Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Gold Coast clinics.


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Hairline lowering procedure before and after photos

A person with wet hair stands under a shower with white tiled walls. The individual has a mustache and is looking downward, water droplets visible on their head and shoulders. Part of a small tattoo can be seen on their upper right arm.


A man with wet hair stands in front of a tiled wall, looking down. He has a thick mustache, and water droplets are visible on his shoulders. He is not wearing a shirt and has a gold necklace around his neck.


A person with thinning hair and a receding hairline looking down. The background is plain and the person is seated in a chair.


A smiling man with short brown hair and a trimmed beard is taking a selfie. He is wearing a black shirt and is indoors, with a bright and airy living space visible in the background. Natural light illuminates the scene, creating a cheerful ambiance.


A man with disheveled brown hair and a short beard is facing the camera. He is wearing a light blue disposable gown. His expression appears neutral or slightly contemplative, and the background is a solid light blue color.


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Our Locations

Discover our clinics across Australia & NZ, where expertise meets artistry in hair transplantation.

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Sydney Hair Transplant Clinic

Wooloomoolo is located 1.5km from the Sydney CBD and is known for the Finger Wharf attracts a stylish client base with its upscale dining, trendy bars, and scenic waterfront vistas.

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Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Docklands is known for the colourful Melbourne Star Wheel and is popular for its shopping and waterside dining.

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Brisbane Hair Transplant Clinic

One of Brisbane's oldest inner-city suburbs, Spring Hill is famous for the Roma Street Parkland, a stunning green space featuring gardens, waterways, and an amphitheater.

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Gold Coast

Gold Coast Hair Transplant Clinic

Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast, Pacific Fair is renowned as a premier shopping destination, offering an expansive collection of luxury brands and dining experiences.

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Perth Hair Transplant Clinic

The suburb of Claremont in Perth WA is renowned as the home ground of the Claremont Football Club and also boasts a notable shopping precinct situated along Stirling Highway.

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Auckland Hair Transplant Clinic

The city of Auckland, New Zealand, is celebrated as a vibrant waterfront area, showcasing a bustling dining and entertainment scene, making it a must-visit spot for locals and tourists alike.

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