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Looking for a Hair Transplant in Melbourne?

Financing From $70 a Week For 3,500 Hairs.

Enjoy thicker, fuller hair with the Precise Follicle Placement™ Technique, exclusive to Gro! With a 90%+ follicle survival rate, you get the most refined, most natural looking results from your hair transplant in Melbourne. Oh, and we make it affordable too, thanks to our financing plans!


Minimally Invasive

Less discomfort and shorter recovery time

Permanent Results

Enjoy long-lasting hair growth

Minimal Scarring

Virtually no visible scarring

Rapid Recovery

Less downtime compared to other methods

Your Own, Natural Hair

Back for good

Natural Results

Achieve a feature-enhancing, natural hairline

Start your hair restoration journey with Australia’s leading hair transplant clinic.

At Gro Clinics, we understand why you want a thicker, fuller head of hair. That’s why we’re offering you a permanent hair loss solution - a natural-looking hair transplant from our highly-skilled team. We're Australia's leading hair transplant provider, and our Melbourne clinic offers exceptional care and expertise, right here in your city. 

And with our affordable financing options, there’s no better time to stop thinking about hair loss and live your best life!



Leading The Way For Life Changing Hair Transplants In Melbourne.

With over 23 million transplanted hairs, 4,500 successful hair transplants in Australia, and consistently amazing results, there's a reason why Gro is the trusted choice. 

Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and hair growth advisors share the same drive and goal - to help you regrow your hair, so you can stop thinking about hair loss and live life to the full.

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Why Choose Our Hair Transplant Melbourne Clinic?

Local Expertise

Our Melbourne hair transplant team is trained by leading doctors, ensuring a deep understanding of Australian hair types and the latest techniques in hair restoration.

Proven Results

We've performed over 5,000 successful hair restoration procedures across Australia, transplanting over 25 million hairs. 

Pioneering PFP Technique

Our signature Precise Follicle Placement (PFP) method offers numerous advantages:

  • Minimal Scarring

Virtually no visible scarring post-procedure.

  • Rapid Recovery

Reduced downtime compared to other methods.

  • Safe and Effective

Proven technique with excellent success rates.

  • Permanent Results

Enjoy long-lasting hair growth.

  • Minimally Invasive

Less discomfort and shorter recovery period.

  • Virtually Painless

Comfortable procedure with minimal pain.

  • Natural Results

Achieve a natural-looking hairline.


Are you ready to take the first step towards a fuller, healthier head of hair?

At Gro, your journey begins with a personal consultation, not just as a routine step, but as a cornerstone of your transformation. Here’s why booking a consultation with us is the best decision you can make.

A table with two columns: "Purchase Price" and "Weekly." The rows list the following purchase prices and corresponding weekly amounts: $12,000 ($80), $14,000 ($90), $16,000 ($100), $18,000 ($110), $20,000 ($125), $25,000 ($135). All prices include GST.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Melbourne?

Every head of hair is different and at Gro, our hair transplant pricing reflects not just the individualised care but also the quality of our service, the experience of our team, the latest technology we use and the outstanding results we achieve!

Procedures range from $12,000, with no hidden fees. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans from Humm90, TLC and the in-house Gro payment program to offer payment options as low as $70 weekly. You can also get special offers exclusive to Gro!  


Take Control with a Free Hair Transplant Consultation 

At Gro Clinics, we're dedicated to helping you achieve the hair you desire. Schedule a free consultation with a hair transplant doctor in Melbourne to discuss your hair restoration goals. We'll work with you to create a personalised treatment plan designed to deliver natural-looking, permanent results. It's time to stop thinking about hair loss and start living life on your terms.


Finding our Hair Transplant Melbourne Clinic

You can access the building through the entrance on Collins St, marked by the "893 Collins St" signage. Upon entering the building, please make your way to the elevators and proceed to Level 1.

Level 1/893 Collins St, Docklands VIC 3008


Parking is available with EXO Docklands on Merchant Street and is a 5 minute walk to the clinic. Parking is also available with Wilson Parking in 2 locations on Bourke St. These parking locations are a 7 minute walk to our Melbourne hair transplant clinic.

EXO Docklands

Our Locations

Discover our clinics across Australia & NZ, where expertise meets artistry in hair transplantation.

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Sydney Hair Transplant Clinic

Wooloomoolo is located 1.5km from the Sydney CBD and is known for the Finger Wharf attracts a stylish client base with its upscale dining, trendy bars, and scenic waterfront vistas.

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Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Docklands is known for the colourful Melbourne Star Wheel and is popular for its shopping and waterside dining.

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Brisbane Hair Transplant Clinic

One of Brisbane's oldest inner-city suburbs, Spring Hill is famous for the Roma Street Parkland, a stunning green space featuring gardens, waterways, and an amphitheater.

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Gold Coast

Gold Coast Hair Transplant Clinic

Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast, Pacific Fair is renowned as a premier shopping destination, offering an expansive collection of luxury brands and dining experiences.

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Perth Hair Transplant Clinic

The suburb of Claremont in Perth WA is renowned as the home ground of the Claremont Football Club and also boasts a notable shopping precinct situated along Stirling Highway.

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Auckland Hair Transplant Clinic

The city of Auckland, New Zealand, is celebrated as a vibrant waterfront area, showcasing a bustling dining and entertainment scene, making it a must-visit spot for locals and tourists alike.

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