Hair transplant before and after results

These hair transplant before and after photos tell the stories of real people who decided to take action on their hair loss.

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Some of the lives we've changed.

We don’t save lives here at Gro, but we do change them.

Here’s what it looks like to gro your own hair back for life - after just one day of hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant video diaries

Follow real hair transplant journeys from start to finish with complete transparency.

Real people, real results.

Hair transplant before and after photos

There’s nothing like a before and after to showcase what hair transplants can do.

Check out some of these hair transplant results, turning thinning areas to a full head of hair.

All our clients start with a personalised and tailored consultation with a Hair Growth Specialist. 

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How hair transplant surgery works

While it may look like magic, hair transplants are pure science. Here’s how a Gro hair transplant can help you grow back your younger head of hair for life.

Hair plugs are a thing of the past. A modern hair transplant uses your own, healthy hairs to restore evenly thick hair throughout the head.

For local information on getting a hair transplant, see our Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth and Melbourne clinic pages.

Find out more about hair transplants

A hair transplant is a form of cosmetic surgery to reverse hair loss.

Here at Gro, we've taken the best aspects of an FUE transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) and direct implantation to create a hair transplant technique called PFP (Precise Follicle Placement). The result is a hair transplant surgery that yields outstanding results to our clients, every time.

Your own, healthy hairs are extracted from the back and sides of the head, where hair follicles are resistant to balding. This is called the donor area.

From there, the hairs are transplanted into the balding areas, where the transplanted hair will continue to grow for life.

At Gro, a certified and registered doctor will implant the hairs into the recipient area in a natural pattern. Using the finest transplant surgery tools, our doctors have full control over the placement of the transplanted hair. You can feel confident that the results will be undetectable to the naked eye.

PFP involves no cutting into the skin on the scalp. A local anaesthetic is used during the hair transplant surgery to minimise any discomfort.

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