The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Most people don’t realise how much their hair contributes to their sense of self until they start losing it. In today’s world of selfies and Zoom calls, we're constantly reminded of our appearance and bombarded with pictures of fit and good-looking people. If what you see in the mirror everyday reminds you that your hairline isn't where it used to be, it can feel devastating.

The majority of people who experience hair loss experience some psychological effects, such as higher stress and lower confidence and self-esteem. Many report becoming socially withdrawn because they are embarrassed about their appearance. The good news is that those who sought treatment reported feeling more positive and experienced improved self-esteem after treatment.

The psychological impact of hair loss

If you've started losing hair at a young age, you may be asking yourself, “Why me?” People with hair loss report higher than average levels of depression, stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, stress is a common trigger for hair loss and may make the condition worse.

The psychological impacts of hair loss on self-image can also have wider implications on social relationships. In one study, 40% of women reported problems in their marriage and 63% of men reported career-related difficulties.


What’s the best solution?


Despite hair loss being extremely common, it’s little comfort to the countless people who feel that they are ageing prematurely and, as a consequence, are struggling with their mental health.


There are two commonly used prescription treatments that can thicken up existing hair and prevent further hair loss. These treatments have been shown to be effective when taken on a daily basis, with results showing after around 4-6 months continuous use.


For many people, a hair transplant is the ideal solution as the results are permanent. A reGro® hair transplant is a tried and tested procedure that is optimised for quality results and patient comfort every step of the way. No cutting, no scarring, just fully natural-looking results designed to suit your unique features.


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