Dr Harry’s 5 Top Tips for Hair Loss

Dr Harry’s 5 Top Tips for Hair Loss

Losing your hair? The 5 things every guy should know about hair loss and its treatment – By Dr Harrison Weisinger (Dr Harry), Gro Medical Director.

When I was in my early 20s, I wanted to be a rock-star. I mean, what guy doesn’t? And with role models like Jon Bon Jovi, Jimmy Page, Axl Rose and Robert Smith, the first step towards stardom was clear – like every good wannabe rock-star, I grew myself a head of glorious, flowing, sexy long hair!

But stardom was short-lived. I’d barely learned a handful of chords when the tragedy of hair loss struck. I started noticing what seemed like wads of my hair getting caught in the shower drain, in the sink, on the floor. And when my hair was wet, I’d look into the mirror to see exposed scalp – my mind easily completed the picture in imagining my head without hair. The cruelty of it! I shelved my plans of becoming a rock-star in favour of a career less dependent on hair but was nevertheless just as worried about the prospect of going bald. My mum’s dad was bald as a badger – and at a young age, too.


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