Top Hair Loss Treatments At Home & In-Clinic

Top Hair Loss Treatments At Home & In-Clinic

Whether or not you've noticed any hair loss yet, it’s never too soon to start looking after your hair and scalp. Hair loss is not front of mind for most young people. Once in their thirties, most men begin noticing a higher forehead and more visible scalp as the hairline recedes and the hair thins on top. In the forties and beyond, many may be preparing to say goodbye to their hairline forever.


The good news is, these days you no longer have to.


For best results, you must start treating hair loss before you go bald. With solutions tailored to your situation, you can continue to grow your hair for life.


In this article, we discuss the different stages of hair loss, as well as the treatment options available for each.


Stages of hair loss


Losing hair happens at different stages and rates for everyone. Early signs of male pattern baldness can start to appear in the mid-twenties and more than half of men will have noticeable hair loss by 40. In the early stages, the focus is on prevention and management – looking after what you’ve got. With progressive hair loss, the focus shifts to correction – restoring what you’ve already lost.


Whether you’re looking for hair care or hair loss prevention, or perhaps how to slow down the rate of loss you’re experiencing, or to correct hair loss through restoration, we have solutions for every stage of hair loss.


At Home Hair Loss Treatments



To maintain hair health – Gro Everyday Products


It’s important to care for your hair and your scalp regardless of the type and extent of hair loss you're experiencing. Our Everyday Products at Gro Clinic are designed to care for your hair and scalp at all stages to create a healthy base for hair growth. All the products are designed to give your hair and scalp the nourishment it needs, with options for both moisturising and volumising features. Shop Everyday Products online.




To prevent further hair loss – prescription treatments


If you're losing hair at a steady rate, but the loss is not extensive yet, the best solution may be prescription hair loss treatments. Our online prescription medication costs start from just $13.30 a week with free delivery and no lock-in contracts. Learn more about prescription hair loss treatments.


In-clinic hair loss treatments


To stimulate hair growth - PRP therapy


PRP, meaning Platelet-Rich Plasma, uses your body’s own cells to stimulate hair growth. Several studies have sown that the beneficial growth factors in Platelet-Rich Plasma can help improve scalp health and to endorse hair growth in patients with hair loss.


The treatment involves taking a small amount of blood (less than 50ml) from the patient. The sample is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. The serum, rich in growth factors, is then injected into the areas of the scalp affected by hair loss to rejuvenate dormant hair follicles and stimulate new growth.


To restore hair that has been lost - a hair transplant


A hair transplant is the only solution for restoring hair after extensive male or female pattern hair loss. The procedure uses your own hair from the back and sides of the scalp (where the hair is immune to balding), transplanting it to areas that are thinning or balding.


A reGro™ hair transplant involves no cutting, leaves no detecable scarring and creates a completely natural hairline. Once healed, not even your barber or hairdresser will be able to detect that you’ve had a hair transplant. See the before and after pictures below – a one-day procedure can be life-changing results.


For personalised hair transplant information, book a consultation with a Gro Hair Growth Specialist.


Ready to take the next step? We have clinics all around Australia and New Zealand including:


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For more information on hair transplants, book an online or in-clinic consultation with a Gro Hair Growth Specialist. To find out more about prescription treatment and to speak with a specialist hair loss doctor, take this 1-minute quizz. If you need help getting started, call our team on 1300 787 563.

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