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Looking to control further hair loss or a hair growth treatment to thicken up what you’ve got?

Gro online clinic helps you access proven prescription hair loss treatments by connecting you to a specialist hair loss doctor and a suitable compounding pharmacy.

Hair growth treatment options start from $1.50 a day. Let’s Gro!

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Specialist, not generalist

Many people don’t realise that most online hair loss treatment clinics focus only on very limited hair growth treatment options for hair loss. The same treatment is offered to everyone regardless of the stage of your hair loss. GroTM is here to change this problem. We specialise only in hair growth and offer a wider selection of treatment than any other online clinic. At Gro, your hair growth treatment is always tailored to suit your needs. Online or in-clinic.

Solution to every stage

Did you know that treatments that you can do at home, are ultimately only meant to prevent further hair loss? If your hairline has already noticeably receded, and you want to restore it to the shape it used to be, you will need more than medical treatment. At Gro, we don’t need to promise unrealistic results from medications. If you need a hair transplant for the results you’re after, we will include it in your treatment plan. You will always be treated based on your needs. Online and in-clinic.


No lock-in contracts

At Gro, we know it is a big commitment to start treating your hair loss. You want to make sure you sign up for a treatment that works for you and your routine. We offer a flexible plans that allow you to stay on only if you’re happy. If something comes up, you can cancel anytime. No questions asked. You can rest assured Gro is a safe decision to make. Online and in-clinic.


How it works


online hair loss assessment

Online assessment

We’ll ask you some questions about your lifestyle and medical history to ensure you are eligible for an alopecia treatment or hair loss, hair thinning treatment.

free hair loss consultation with doctor

Doctor consult

You’ll book in and have video consultation with a hair specialist doctor who will recommend the best treatment for you.

purchase hair loss treatment online

Purchase treatment

If the doctor decides to issue a prescription, the prescribed treatment will come available in your shopping cart ready for check-out.

free deliver of hair loss treatment

Treatment delivered

Gro will pass your order forward to a suitable pharmacy who will dispense your medication and ship it directly to you, once a month.

What if you have lost hair that you want back?

Gro have hair loss solutions for every stage of hair loss. If you have lost hair that you would like to grow back, Gro offers the most refined and delicate microsurgery hair transplant surgery. For further information see our Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Gold Coast pages.

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