How To Regrow A Receding Hairline, Permanently

How To Regrow A Receding Hairline, Permanently

All hair loss treatments, except one, are considered a band-aid solution. These temporary fixes can slow down the loss and help prolong growth, but they can’t restore a hairline. There is only one procedure that can redesign and restore a hairline, permanently.

Your hair and your hairline are one of the first features that someone will see, notice and get a first impression from. A receding hairline will typically present an older appearance. Many people that we help in our clinic would like to improve their hairline to look younger and compliment the shape of their face.

We interviewed Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Wayne M Young to tell us how hairline restoration or forehead reduction procedure with a hair transplant using refined Gro micro-transplant technique can give you a new look using 100% your own hair, with natural looking, permanent results.

hairline lowering procedure patient

Benefits of Gro Hairline Redesign

Dr Young explains what can be achieved by a hair transplant using refined Gro Micro-transplant technique to improve the aesthetic look of your hairline: 

There is no other procedure that literally can take years off your face, than a great hair transplant, a new or strengthened hairline will mostly achieve this.

When you lose frontal hair, you lose the upper face frame, the balance in facial proportions is skewed, and you look older. With our refined methods and using years of artistic nuances, we aim to restore hairlines naturally and future proof them, not too high, nor too low (the latter is a big no no).

Having this new hairline, with your hair you now can style it appropriately, and not worry about exposing a bald area is another objective that we always try to achieve.

The procedure involves taking follicles from areas of the scalp that aren’t affected by baldness, such as on the back and sides of the head, and are precisely implanted one by one into the treatment area. As these donor follicles are genetically resistant to balding, they will continue to grow hair for the rest of your life, giving you a permanent result.

Why Microsurgery?

1. Only by Doctors

Many people don’t realise that most hair transplant procedures in Australia are not done by doctors. Doctors are the brand of many clinics but they may not actually do the job.

We are the only company that has a policy that all procedures are done from start to finish by Doctors, not technicians. Every hair is taken out by a doctor and every one of them is implanted by a doctor. This way you can rest assured you are in the best and safest hands for this life-changing procedure.



2. The Most Refined Technique

Every hair transplant procedure, regardless of technique, yields permanent results. Good or bad. Results are permanent and even irreversible.

The difference with a good hair transplant comes from the technique and finesse in the way the procedure is performed. The Micro-transplant hair transplant gives our Certified Doctors full control over the placement of every hair in terms of angle, direction, and depth.

The doctor can follow the natural way your hair grows and implant new hairs accordingly for a result that grows naturally and seamlessly, and most importantly doesn’t look like a hair transplant.3. Natural Results Guarantee

We understand that having a hair transplant is a big, life-changing decision. You want a natural look.

Therefore, we Guarantee Natural Results and we are the only clinic in Australia to do so. We promise no one will be able to detect you have had a hair transplant unless you tell them so.

You can feel safe and secure that a hair transplant using refined Direct Implantation technique will give you a natural, permanent result.

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