Micro-transplant Hair Transplant Recovery: What To Expect In The First 3 Months

Micro-transplant Hair Transplant Recovery: What To Expect In The First 3 Months

Wondering what it’s really like following a hair transplant? When researching, you may have noticed a clear lack of information of what to expect in the first three months following a hair transplant procedure.  “Don’t show people what they don’t want to see” has been the reason why traditional hair transplant post-procedure images haven’t been readily available. Now with Gro micro-transplant – the most delicate and least invasive technique – there’s no reason to hide what it’s really like post-procedure.

To show you what you can expect during the first three months following Gro micro-transplant, we have followed Jonathan’s recovery from the day of his procedure to 3 months post-procedure (and will continue to follow his progress).

Micro-transplant Hair Transplant Recovery: What To Expect In The First 3 Months

The First 3 Months

Jonathan, a Gro patient, who is 39 years old, has done a Facebook Live video Gro. This was his 3 month follow up consultation and he talks about how the first 3 months have gone after his micro-transplant. Around 30% of the final result can be expected at this stage, with the full result at 12 months.

Typically, patients can expect to be back at work in a week. Jonathan had over 5,000 hairs implanted and was back at work in several days. Two weeks following his procedure, there are no visible signs of a procedure having been done.

Click here to watch the 3mth follow up video in Facebook

*Please note that while we see Jonathan’s results as typical for our Gro patients, results will vary from person to person.

Jonathan's before and after photos 12 months post hair transplant

Permanent Solution For Hair Loss

Hair Implantation micro-transplant is the proven, permanent solution for hair loss, with natural results guaranteed. The angle and direction of the implanted hair (which is your own hair) blends seamlessly with the surrounding hair, or in the natural manner that your hair would normally grow. Life changing results can be achieved in a single day, with no detectable scarring and minimal downtime. 


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For personalised information, the first step is to book a consultation with our Gro hair growth specialist in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. During your private consultation, you will receive a correct diagnosis for your hair loss and the opportunity to discuss the various treatment options, customised to your particular condition.

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