Success Vs Survival Rate Difference In Hair Transplants

Success Vs Survival Rate Difference In Hair Transplants

Are you looking for the best hair transplant solution? You may wonder how every clinic claims over 90% success rates for their hair transplants. It can be confusing. Can every method or clinic be excellent? The trick is simple: it is unclear who determines what is successful. The success rate is a very ambiguous way of explaining the quality of a hair transplant procedure.

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Success & Survival Rate – What’s The Difference?

The real question is, “how many of the implanted hairs must survive in order to claim the procedure was successful?” The industry average for hair survival rate varies dramatically between different methods, it can be anything from 50% to 90%. We, at Gro, know our survival rate for the implanted hairs is consistently over 90%. 


Lets Look At An Example

As an example: let’s say your need is 1,800 hairs, which, in many cases, is a good number for correcting a receding hairline. Gro would recommend you a session with up to 2,000 implanted hairs. Another clinic may quote you with 3,500 hairs for the same procedure. You may feel like you’re having a better deal when getting more hairs. But in reality the end results are similar. The only difference is that you end up with 1,500 hairs less hairs in your donor area (your hair bank).

Do you want to lose hair while having a hair loss treatment? We bet your answer is no. Every one of us has a limited number of available donor hairs, and therefore it is of utmost importance that the survival rate of the transplanted hairs is as high as possible. Your lifetime hair bank should not be over-harvested already in your first hair transplant session as you may need another session down the track as all of us keep on losing more of our existing hairs over time. 


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