The Customer Service Difference in Gro Hair Transplants

The Customer Service Difference in Gro Hair Transplants

Getting a hair transplant can feel like a daunting path to set foot on – there’s procedure involved and you’re letting someone make changes to the way you look. That’s why transparency and trust are extremely important factors when choosing your hair transplant provider.

Here at Gro, we want our clients to feel informed and cared for, and that starts from their first interaction with us. When people reach out to us, the first person they come across will typically be someone from our Client Success Team.

In this article, we’ll go over the values and principles that guide our customer service process, which is really what sets us apart from other hair transplant providers.

Our customer service philosophy

Superb customer service is at the heart of how we do things here at Gro – while we offer first-rate results, it’s the first-rate customer service that sets us apart.

Everyone at Gro understands the journey our patients go on, no matter what stage of hair loss they’re at. Whether it’s your first interaction with us, or you’re calling 12 months on with a question or for some advice, we’re here to help. Our take on customer service is both informative and human.

Our client success team

It’s pretty clear by now that our Client Success Team is at the very core of our business – as the name suggests, they’re here to help our clients succeed with their hair goals. We asked the team leader, Andrea, to sit down in front of the camera for a chat about her approach to customer service.

While she hasn’t suffered from hair loss personally, after starting to work at Gro Andrea begun to see the world a little bit differently. She realised that many people who are going bald suffer in silence, and the process affects them enormously.

Working at Gro Clinic has allowed Andrea to see people who suffer from hair loss differently, and this empathy and understanding is the defining factor of her interactions with our clients. She feels it’s her duty to give our patients as much as possible to help them, and the same approach is taken on by the whole Gro team.

Our entire team is, in a way, an extension of our customer service team. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that each client has a successful and positive experience with Gro.

We make sure to offer this consistent experience with our team through our shared company values.

Our values

Our company values are instrumental to how we do customer service. They form the basis for how all Gro employees interact with our clients, no matter the stage of their journey. Here are the five core principles we live by.


We always look for opportunities to improve our knowledge, so we can best educate our audience on their options for hair growth. We also know it’s important to be conscious of what we may not know yet, which is why we adopt a learning mindset. We do this to be better educators not just our clients, but our colleagues too.


Trust and respect are the ultimate fuel to every human relationship. Our success fundamentally depends on the relationships we build and the trust we create and foster. So, we always do what we know to be right in our hearts, even when no one is watching.


We’re here to help our clients achieve their dreams. Our team can empathise with the challenges that ultimately bring people to us, and always make sure to be of assistance to them on their hopeful journey.


We listen humbly and actively to make sure each patient gets the treatment that is best for them. By listening and understanding, we can truly help.


Our clients have chosen us because they trust we can help them better than anyone else. We do our utmost each day to maximise every client’s results and experience, and to make them smile. We don’t stop when we’re tired; we stop when we’re done.

Results for life

The great thing about FUE micro-transplant hair transplants is that the results are for life. Even if some people may need a second hair transplant later in life due to hair loss in other areas, the results of each hair transplant are still permanent.

However, the permanence of the results can also scare people off – it will naturally feel like a big step to change any part of how you look. That’s why we offer a 100% natural results guarantee. Our doctors are trained to implant your hair follicles by hand in a natural growth pattern – nobody will be able to tell you’ve had a hair transplant.

Book your hair transplant consultation

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For personalised information regarding a hair transplant, book an online or in-clinic consultation with a Gro Hair Growth Specialist. Simply click on the button below to book a consultation. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 787 563.

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