To Shave or Not to Shave: Navigating the Hairy Question of Hair Loss

To Shave or Not to Shave: Navigating the Hairy Question of Hair Loss

So, you're standing at life’s crossroads, barber's razor in one hand and a Gro Clinics brochure in the other, pondering one of modern life's greatest dilemmas – to shave or not to shave. Fear not! We’re here to comb through this hairy predicament with you, no puns barred.



  • The article discusses the pros and cons of going bald, highlighting the low maintenance, economic savings, and bold new look as advantages, while considering the impacts of the weather and emotional adjustments as drawbacks.

  • The choice to choose a head full of hair or to rock the bald look is a the decision that is deeply personal and should be made with confidence and acceptance of oneself.

  • Gro is supportive of whatever choice one makes regarding their hair, offering help and solutions for those looking to restore their hair, while also championing the decision to go bald as a valid and respected option.


The Bald Truth: Embracing the Smooth Life

First things first – It's important to remember that most of the time, hair loss is a natural process and running the bald look is totally cool. We're just here for the people that want more hair.

1. Pro: Welcome to the Low Maintenance Life

Easy Breezy Morning Routine: Say goodbye to bed hair and hello to an extra ten minutes of sleep. Your morning routine just got a makeover – no styling, no fuss.

The Zen of Scalp Care: You thought face masks were great? Wait till you try a scalp mask. It's skincare, but for the top floor.

2. Con: The Weather Report Just Got Personal

Thermal Considerations: Your head is about to become your very own weather vane. Sun too hot? You’ll feel it. Wind too cold? You’ll feel that too.

SPF is Your New BFF: The bald life means you’re literally putting your head in the line of fire (or, well, sunlight). Stock up on sunscreen, trust us.

3. Pro: Embracing a Bold New Look

Aesthetically Speaking: There's something undeniably cool about a bald head. It screams confidence and can transform your look in a way no haircut ever could.

Bald Icons: You’re in good company – from Stanley Tucci to Jason Statham, the bald brigade is full of legends.

4. Con: The Great Unknown of Scalp Aesthetics

Head Shape Roulette: Ever wondered what the top of your head actually looks like? Well, you’re about to find out.

First-time Reactions: Prepare for a mixed bag of reactions. Your new shave will be a canvas for people’s unsolicited opinions. Remember, opinions are like hair – everyone’s got some, but not all of it is good.

5. Pro: Saving Dollars and Making Cents

Economic Efficiency: Think of the savings! No more haircuts, shampoos, or styling products. Your wallet is about to breathe a sigh of relief.

Accessories Galore: Hats, caps, bandanas – your head is now a playground for accessories. Every day is a chance to flaunt a new look.

Does shaving your head make your hair grow thicker?

Does shaving your hair make it thicker?

Shaving hair on any part of the body does not alter its thickness, colour, or growth speed. The act of shaving cuts the hair, leaving behind a blunt tip, which may feel coarse or stubbly as it begins to grow back. This regrowth phase can make the hair appear more noticeable, seemingly darker, or thicker, but these effects are merely temporary and superficial. The myth surrounding hair growing back thicker or faster post-shaving likely stems from the initial appearance of regrown hair, which can look different due to its coarser base compared to the finer, tapered end of unshaven hair.

Additionally, newly grown hair might seem darker, which could be attributed to its unexposed state to natural elements like sunlight, soaps, and chemicals, all of which can lighten hair over time. The contrast in color, especially against lighter skin, may make the regrowth more visible, yet this has nothing to do with the act of shaving itself. Instead, it's the natural cycle and characteristics of hair that lead to these temporary changes in appearance.

6. Con: The Emotional Rollercoaster

Identity Shift: Your hair is part of your identity, and losing it can be an emotional ride. It’s normal to feel a sense of loss before you embrace the bald look.

The Initial Phase: The first few weeks might have you doing double-takes in the mirror. It's a new you – it takes getting used to.

7. The Gro Clinics Perspective: It’s Only Your Choice

Your Head, Your Rules: At Gro, we’re all about supporting your personal choice. Whether you decide to shave it off or seek hair restoration, we're here to help you embrace your decision with confidence and style.

For the Hair Restorers: And if you decide the bald life isn’t for you, our door is always open. We can chat about getting you back to your hairy best.

Deciding to shave your head is like choosing a new character in the game of life. It’s bold, it’s brave, and it’s a statement. Whether you end up loving the breeze on your scalp or longing for your locks back, remember – it’s your head, and you’re the boss of it. At Gro Clinics, we’re here to support you, whatever your hair (or no-hair) journey looks like. Because in the end, it’s not just about hair; it’s about how you wear your choice with pride.

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