hair loss Emotional Strain


In today’s high-pressure, fast-paced atmosphere where stimulus-overload is the norm, it can be hard to put a finger on what is causing stress or emotional strain. Hair loss is known to have an emotional impact on the people who suffer from it. The impact can include but isn’t limited to; lower self-esteem, reduced self-confidence, and strained relationships.

Hair loss affects most men and women at some time in their life. There are a number of different causes and contributing factors and consulting a hair loss expert will give you a correct diagnosis for your particular condition. Ask yourself the questions below to help find out if hair loss is causing you emotional strain. 

If you suffer from hair loss, answer these 3 questions to discover the best treatment option for you.


Is my hair loss permanent?

You can find out if you have temporary or permanent hair loss by having a consultation with a hair loss expert. Patients suffering from permanent hair loss, such as male pattern baldness, can find the process quite emotional, leading to them feeling self-conscious. Younger patients suffering from loss of hair tend to suffer from greater emotional strain.


Can I style my hair the way that I want to?

Not being able to style your hair the way you want to due to bald or thinning areas can be challenging and can impact confidence. Just in the same way that your clothes communicate your style to the world, your hair can be used to communicate who you are.

Do I feel frustrated by my hair loss?

Many patients feel frustrated by their hair loss, especially if they have tried various drugs or medications and their hair continues to fall.

Does my hair loss make me feel older than I am?

If you find yourself feeling older than you are due to hair loss, you’re not alone. Many people are shocked when they look back at photos and see now how much their loss has aged them.

Is my hair loss impacting my relationships?

Research shows that people can find hair loss distressing which can make them feel depressed. Losing hair can take its toll on both social and romantic relationships.

The important thing to remember is that most people will experience hair loss at some time in their life and there are hair restoration treatments that can help.

Hair Loss Solutions

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be suffering from emotional strain and you may decide to consider treatments. Depending on your hair loss diagnosis, there are treatments that can help to slow the loss and procedures, such as hair transplant that can restore your hair.

At Gro Australia, we offer the most innovative and delicate hair transplant procedure, using refined Gro microsurgery technique, and we are the only clinic in Australia to guarantee natural results. The procedure uses 100% your own hair. By moving hairs from the back and sides of the scalp to thinning / balding areas, we can redesign a hairline and create a more youthful appearance with a fuller head of hair.

Microsurgery is a permanent solution for hair loss, meaning that you can enjoy your new look for the rest of your life.

One of the main comments we hear from our patients at their follow-up appointments is, “I wish I had done this sooner.”


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