separating blood for PRP treatment


If you have been diagnosed with alopecia you may be one of the 10,000 people a month in Australia who Google the word. You may simply want a better understanding of it or you may be researching various treatment options. If you have been researching treatment options for alopecia, you have probably heard of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections. PRP treatment for hair loss can stimulate new hair growth to give you a thicker head of hair that looks 100% natural.

In this article, we discuss the next generation of PRP treatment for hair loss and the process. Gro Australia is the market leader in the prevention of hair loss with an innovative method. 


PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

PRP treatment is a revolutionary new PRP treatment method for patients suffering from alopecia (a condition where men lose their hair at a particular age due to genetics). Growth Factor Therapy takes place by injecting activated serum into the scalp; with the objective of stimulating the scalp to endorse hair growth.

Gro PRP Therapy has more growth factors than alternative treatments and features IL-1Ra cytokine which reduces trauma, inflammation and redness and the formation of scabs, helping donor areas of the dermis and epidermis to heal faster.


The PRP Treatment Process

PRP Therapy follows a 3-step process as follows:

  1. Less than 50ml of blood is taken from the patient.
  2. Growth Factor Rich Blood Serum is isolated following the incubation and centrifugation of the blood. No additives are used meaning this is a true autologous (of yourself) system.
  3. PRP Blood Serum is filtered and will be injected into the treatment area of the scalp, stimulating hair growth.

PRP Therapy is able to be used as an individual treatment option, fortifying the hair follicle, ensuring its longevity and potency. PRP Therapy may also be used as a method of rejuvenating dormant hair follicles and stimulating the growth of new hair and it can also be coupled with any number of other treatments we offer.


Next Step

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